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Want more me time? Take back your commute and spend time doing what you want to do by joining a RideFinders vanpool. 


What would you do with your extra time? 


To learn more about how you can save money, save time and save the environment by vanpooling. Email or call 314-621-7433 to learn more!


Commute Miles Reduced

Commute Cost Reduced


Pollutants Reduced

283,454,718 lbs.

If you have participated in a registered carpool or vanpool, these are results you can be really proud of!

And there is always room for more! Register your carpool, or join a vanpool, and take pride in knowing that you, too, are part of the solution.

25 Years & Counting

The St. Louis Regional
Commuter Rideshare

RideFinders is the St. Louis Regional Rideshare Program. Through RideFinders’ FREE ridematching service, commuters can find others with whom to share the ride to and from work or class. Commuters in registered carpools or vanpools are then eligible for four FREE Guaranteed Rides Home (GRH) each year.

How to Register with RideFinders FREE
Ridematching Service
  1. Visit or call (314) 621-7433.

  2. Complete a “Commuter Profile” form.

  3. Receive a “Matchlist” of other commuters or vanpools with a similar commute to yours. 

  4. Contact those commuters or vanpools and begin carpooling or join/start a vanpool. 

Benefits of Ridesharing 
  • Save $3,000 or more on gas, maintenance and other commuting costs annually. 

  • Improve air quality by choosing a sustainable commuting option. 

  • Reduce on-site vehicles and traffic congestion. 

  • Create more connections with local St. Louis employees and students. 


RideFinders carpool program connects commuters to share a ride to and from work or class in their personal vehicles.


RideFinders vanpools help commuters share a ride to and from work in a RideFinders van for a low monthly fare. Vanpools are open to the public. Reasonable accommodations, including an ADA-accessible van, can be made upon request.


Guaranteed Ride Home 

RideFinders GRH program provides carpoolers and vanpoolers with up to four free $125 taxi rides home annually.